That’s a Wrap!

That's a Wrap!

Thanks for Being A Part of our 2022 Event

Wow! What a great event!?! Amy’s Ride/Run/Walk truly has the best supporters.  Thank you to everyone who came out and weathered the heat with us to help raise awareness for pancreatic cancer.  We want to thank our many sponsors, volunteers, and donors – without whom none of this would be possible! We’ve heard so many positive things from our supporters, and we’re already excited for next year. Hope everyone had a blast and would love to hear your feedback! Feel free to comment, message, or email us at arrw@pan-cure.org with anything you want to share. If you’re posting photos, tag us @amysriderunwalk!

Continue reading for a complete recap of the event and some encouraging words from our supporters.

Some highlights

$ 1000

A Few Words from our supporters

Amy's Ride/Run/Walk - Testimonial

Thank you for letting me be a part of the pancreatic cancer walk last Saturday. I decorated my walker and off I went with my friend by my side. We may have been the last ones to the first check point and shown a short cut back to the main tent but we were cheered and applauded for what we accomplished.

It has been a year since my diagnosis. And ten months since surgery with ongoing chemotherapy but I walked in your event. I did something for others because your organization accepted me despite my limitations.

Thank you for being so kind. Thank you for some wonderful volunteers. Thank you for this important fundraiser.

I look forward to next year and doing the entire walk.”

– Anonymous

“Hi! I’d like to thank you guys for putting on a great event. This was my first group ride and I had an amazing time. I appreciate all the planning, effort, and volunteers!”

– Gabriel C.

“Hi! I was at the walk yesterday on The Proper’s Team and had an absolute blast!”

– Liv F.

Amy's Ride/Run/Walk - 5K 1st & 2nd Place Winners
Super event. Great cause. Awesome volunteers! And thank you for a race done proper – certified and well marked. And on top of that, there were signs and volunteers at all turns. I’ve done hundreds of races over the years, and you guys did it right!
In what other sport do you have a 14 and a 56 year old with first place female and male finishes? And I’m very happy to report that this young lady was ahead of me – I love it when a female takes the overall ‘W’. Her name is Virginia. We talked with her and her family afterward. She’s already competed in some junior events nationally. Positive spirit, great family, and wicked fast! The future is bright.”

– Rob G.

Thank for putting on such a great event! I may have not been paying attention, missed a turn and ended up on 563, adding miles and hills, but that was my fault lol. Had a great ride and very thankful for the donations you all have made over the years!”

– Jon O.


All Run Results can be viewed on the Run The Day website.
Overall Winners
1st Place: Virginia Kraus (F/14) (19:17)
2nd Place: Robert Gallagher (M/56) (21:06)
3rd Place: Dan Bezila (M/44) (21:47)

Male/Female by Age Group

1st Place: Robert Gallagher (21:06)
2nd Place: Dan Bezila (21:47)
3rd Place: Romeo Gaye (22:19)

1st Place: Caleb Roth
2nd Place: Dylan Brews
3rd Place: Philip Nifong

1st Place: Romeo Gaye

1st Place: Cody Peters
2nd Place: Zachary Stubits
3rd Place: Dylan Crowell

1st Place: Dan Bezila
2nd Place: Chris Roth
3rd Place: Brendan Putnam

1st Place: Tony Capasso
2nd Place: Stephen Markley
3rd Place: Kevin Fleshman

1st Place: Wayne Curcie
2nd Place: Mark Miller
3rd Place: Eric Wolfinger

1st Place: Lou Putnam

1st Place: Virginia Kraus (19:17)
2nd Place: Kelley Necioglu (23:21)
3rd Place: Holly Barilla (27:10)

1st Place: Ashlyn McGuinnes
2nd Place: Isabella Webb
3rd Place: Jacinda Loose

1st Place: Lauren White
2nd Place: Allison Haas
3rd Place: Leah Rubart

1st Place: Kelley Necioglu
2nd Place: Holly Barilla
3rd Place: Keri Smith

1st Place: Heather Manning
2nd Place: Yvonne Dawson
3rd Place: Kimberly Lachman

1st Place: Pam Daugherty
2nd Place: Cheryl Green
3rd Place: Dawn Brews

1st Place: Kathy Lococo
2nd Place: Karin Hofmann

King & Queen of the Mountain

KOM/QOM are awarded to the male and female with the lowest time on the Velo Shop “Ghost Mountain” Hill Challenge (Township Road Strava segment). Winners also received a $50 gift card to The Velo Shop!

King of the Mountain (KOM)
Scott Hardiman Sr. of Quakertown, PA
Hill Challenge Time: 3:50

Queen of the Mountain (QOM)
Jane Keck of Elizabethtown, PA
Hill Challenge Time: 5:54

Strava Club Highlights


See what our club members have been up to.

Thank you!

DJ Russ Tolson

DJ Russ brings the beats and keeps us in line and (mostly) on schedule!

Aandy Aardvark

Ambassador of Aardvark Sports Shop in Bethlehem and spirited cheerer!

meLVin - LV Phantoms Mascot


Mascot of the LV Phantoms. Gives the best hugs & high-fives. Also a star cornhole partner!

June Hunt, Moondog Yoga – Cool-down Sessions

June Hunt of Moondog Yoga

Provides several post-event cool-down sessions to relax those tight muscles!

Joe Keppel, Magician

The Comedy Magic of Joseph Keppel

Mystifies and amuses our participants with his sleight of hand and illusions.

Amy's Ride/Run/Walk - Volunteers

Our Volunteers

From our registration area, to traffic and parking, course traffic, walk/run support, ride support, and so much more, we thank you!

Platinum Sponsors ($4000)

  •   Fox Chase Cancer Center
  •   Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson Health

Gold Sponsors ($3000)

  •   Appeeling Fruit
  •   Cygan Family Fund
  •   Jeannette Bracalente Schacht

Silver Sponsors ($2000)

  •   St. Luke’s Cancer Center

Bronze Sponsors ($1000)

  •  The Velo Shop
  •  ServPro
  •  EGW
  •  Bob & Fran Lewis
  •  Tom & Jann Paulovitz
  •  Mike & Nancy Cygan
  •  NC Innoations LLC
  • C.R. Strunk Funeral Home Inc.

Benefactor Sponsors ($500)

  •   Gary & Diane Dologite
  •   Laura Loggia
  •   Lewis Brothers Builders & Contractors
  •   Knapp Family
  •   Michael & Judy Schmauder
  •   Quakertown National Bank
  •   Quakertown Family Dental
  •   Springfield Mennonite Church

Supporter Sponsors ($250)

  •   Angie Lehman
  •   Bracalente Manufacturing Group
  •   Diane Angstadt
  •   Dominick’s Pizza
  •   Herrlinger Financial Group
  •   John & Sue Dale
  •   McLaughlin Physical Therapy LLC
  •   Quakertown Business & Professional Women

(Gifts, Appearances, Donations)

  •   Adventure Aquarium
  •   Andy Aardvark of Aardvark Sports Shop
  •   Applebees
  •   Dave & Amalia Cygan
  •   Jennifer Sands
  •   Joan & Bill Carr
  •   meLVin of Lehigh Valley Phantoms
  •   Nick & Emily Coenen
  •   Opopop
  •   Putt-U
  •   Reading Fightin Phils
  •   Redners
  •   Skirmish Paint Ball
  •   Washington House
  •   Mike & Nancy Cygan
  •   Steve & BethAnn Cygan
  •   Dave & Amalia Cygan
  •   Greg & Nancy Cygan
  •   Tony & Jane Cygan
  •   Nate & Sue Cygan
  •   Celeste Vaughn
  •   Marlene & Jerry Mayza
  •   Angie Lehman


  •   C&C Adventures
  •   CS Energy Team
  •   Deb’s Warriors
  •   Fox Chase Cancer Center
  •   Jay Squad
  •   Kiwami Triathlon Team
  •   Quakertown Family Dental Center
  •   Silky Crew
  •   St. Luke’s Cancer Center
  •   Swain Sprinters (46 members!)
  •   Team Heller
  •   The Proper Brewing Company
      (34 members!)
  •   Two Rivers
  •   USMES
  •   Wolfe

Top Individual Fundraisers ($50+)

  •   Michael Bachman
  •   Ron Lawrence
  •   Doreen Childs
  •   Betty Christian
  •   Janusz Franco-Barraza
  •   Preethy Jayant
  •   Denise Blackford
  •   Sharon Corbin
  •   Ira Lunsk
  •   Melissa Szymkiewicz
  •   Thomas Dombrowski
  •   Robert Bishop
  •   Paul Lisiewski
  •   James Hainsworth
  •   Brian Romberger
  •   Sandy Romberger
  •   Bruce Swoyer
  •   Paul Campbell
  •   Katherine Heller
  •   Jan Musil
  •   Lori Kochanski
  •   John Catino