Amy's Ride/Run/Walk 2023

Our Best Year Yet!

Our Best Year Yet!

Thanks for Being A Part of our 2023 Event

Wow! What a great event!?! Amy’s Ride/Run/Walk truly has the best supporters.  Thank you to everyone who came out to help raise awareness for pancreatic cancer and support pancreatic cancer research efforts and patient care programs. We’re still working towards a final number, but it’s looking like the event has raised over $60,000 this year! We want to thank our many sponsors, volunteers, and donors – without whom none of this would be possible! We received some really positive and constructive feedback from our event survey, so thank you to everyone who filled it out! Feel free to comment, message, or email us at with anything you want to share. We’re already excited for next year!

Continue reading for a complete recap of the event and inspiring and humbling stories from our teams.

Some highlights

$ 20000
$ 5000
$ 10000

Team Stories

We are privileged to share with you a few deeply moving stories from our teams. These personal narratives encompass both the hope and heartache that pancreatic cancer brings, reminding us of the urgent need to support research and enhance the future for those affected by this disease. From stories of resilience and triumph to heartfelt reflections on loss, these accounts serve as a poignant reminder of why our collective efforts are so crucial.

By bravely sharing their experiences, our teams inspire us to renew our commitment and join together in the fight against pancreatic cancer, with the ultimate goal of preventing it from claiming lives prematurely in the future.

Barbara's Buddies

I created the team Barbara’s Buddies, in memory of my friends Mom, Barbara Bickel who passed October 30, 2020. I met her daughter Lisa in October 1998 through our church when I made a meal for her as she was recovering from a car accident and had 2 small kids. Her Mom moved in with her to help care for the kids and her. We had kids that were very close in age and found many things in common and ended up becoming friends! I met her brother Joe and sister Maryann over the next year also. Barbara treated my kids just like her grandchildren and they called her Grammy Barbara. She made holidays fun, especially Halloween! She had the biggest heart and best smile! Her love for animals was also very strong! Her light on Earth is missed tremendously, but her mark in this world with her kindness and generosity will never be forgotten as it lives on with her wonderful family!

– Sharon DiPaolantonio

Barbara Bickel - Barbara's Buddies

💜 Barbara Bickel 💜

Will Run 4 Jackie

Our team “Will Run 4 Jackie” is in honor of Jackie Hunsworth, my 76 yr old mother. Early last year she experienced some issues with a blocked bile duct, during the procedure to place a stent to open the duct the doctor noticed a spot on her pancreas. So while he was in there he took a biopsy to be sent for testing. It came back malignant, within days my mom was set up with consultations with a surgeon and oncologist. It all moved very quickly to get her going on chemotherapy. Over the next months there were rounds of chemotherapy, a surgery to remove a portion of the pancreas, and more chemotherapy.

It was hard for us to watch her deteriorate and struggle with day to day tasks on some days. But through it all she kept the most positive attitude and took everything with grace and positivity always moving forward. And by the end of the year just before Christmas she got the fantastic news that everything was successful and the cancer was gone! There have been a few ups and downs the first few months of this year for her regaining her strength and getting back to “normal”. But just last week she was back to weed wacking and mowing the lawn! Making the rest of us look lazy as usual. We were lucky, had she not had the blocked bile duct we may still not know about that tiny spot.

My cousin suggested putting the team together this year to honor her strength and show our love for her.

– Karen Keller

Swain Sprinters

Amy's Ride/Run/Walk Swain Sprinters Team Photo 2023

Swain Sprinters is a boys running group for 3rd to 5th graders from Moravian Academy- Swain Campus that incorporates lessons on building confidence, respect, and being a good teammate. The boys also strengthen their running ability each practice, working toward participating in Amy’s Ride Run Walk 5K.

– Coach Jeff Haviland


New for this year we added a section during registration where you could leave a short message, tribute, or inspirational words for our website’s Tribute Wall.

The response has been incredible, with countless heartfelt words pouring in—expressions dedicated to those you courageously fight for, beloved ones who reside in our memories, and uplifting messages that spark hope. Here, are just a few of these remarkable sentiments, but we encourage you to visit our Tribute Wall and take in the entire collection of these touching messages.

A Few Messages from our Tribute Wall

In memory of Joann Gregory, a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, and nurse. You will always be in our hearts.

Joann Gregory
In Memory of Joann F. Gregory

In memory of a very special woman and mother, Barbara Bickel.

Barbara Bickel - Barbara's Buddies
In Memory of Barbara Bickel
Jerzy Wasieczko
In Memory of Jerzy Wasieczko
In Memory of Susan McCarthy
In Memory of Susan McCarthy

Deb Greenwood, sister/Mom/new grandmother/Nurse at LVH, passed away on September 2, 2016 from pancreatic cancer.

In Memory of Deb Greenwood
In Memory of Deb Greenwood Deb's Warriors

You are forever in our thoughts. We miss you and continue to keep your memory alive.

In Memory of Uncle Bob

We love and miss you so much. You will always be our inspiration and guardian angel.

In Memory of Robert Weaver
In Memory of Robert Weaver Team Grandbob

I am running for my husband, Frank D’Angelo, who has stage IV pancreatic cancer.

In Celebration of Frank D'Angelo
In Memory of Frank D'Angelo Jean D'Angelo
In Memory Marion Naccarati
In Memory Marion Naccarati


All Run Results can be viewed on the Run The Day website.
Overall Winners
🥇1st Place: Sam Bishop (M/19) (18:18)
🥈 2nd Place: Jonathan Carnesi (M/19) (18:51)
🥉 3rd Place: Abigail Rowland (F/15) (20:59)

Male/Female by Age Group

1st Place: Sam Bishop (18:18)
2nd Place: Jonathan Carnesi (18:51)
3rd Place: Evan Snyder (21:07)

1st Place: Miles Manning (22:58)
2nd Place: Jackson Wearin (24:01)
3rd Place: Emilio Benalcazar (24:04)

1st Place: Jonathan Carnesi (18:51)
2nd Place: Evan Snyder (21:07)

1st Place: Jace Killaly (23:51)
2nd Place: Shawn Wilson (25:06)
3rd Place: Jeff Wayman (30:45)

1st Place: Adrian Sauers (23:00)
2nd Place: Mark Chando (23:16)
3rd Place: Mike Miller (24:04)

1st Place: John Ruch (22:52)
2nd Place: Brian Carnesi (23:28)
3rd Place: Jason Berton (24:12)

1st Place: Diego Benalcazar (23:42)
2nd Place: Tony Capasso (31:36)
3rd Place: Iftekhar Ansari (32:06)

1st Place: Wayne Curcie (24:21)
2nd Place: Diomedes Caraballo (24:52)
3rd Place: Eric Wolfinger (28:28)

1st Place: Joe Ulasewicz (31:16)

1st Place: Abigail Rowland (20:59)
2nd Place: Kelley Necioglu (22:44)
3rd Place: Regina Hinkle (23:31)

1st Place: Jacinda Loose (26:12)
2nd Place: Ashlyn McGuinness (28:21)
3rd Place: Lauren Fleshman (34:38)

1st Place: Lindsey Garcia (28:45)
2nd Place: Allison Haas (29:32)
3rd Place: Alyssa Gilley (31:38)

1st Place: Kelley Necioglu (22:44)
2nd Place: Stephanie Hines (23:34)
3rd Place: Kely Chando (28:34)

1st Place: Regina Hinkle (23:31)
2nd Place: Heather Manning (26:41)
3rd Place: Christine McGuinness (27:57)

1st Place: Jill Basile (26:05)
2nd Place: Monika Zareba (29:42)
3rd Place: Jean D’Angelo (31:36) / Cheryl Green (32:30)

1st Place: Tammy Ebersole (26:28)
2nd Place: Kathy Lococo (29:14)
3rd Place: Margie Haviland (30:04)

King & Queen of the Mountain

KOM/QOM are awarded to the male and female with the lowest time on the Velo Shop “Ghost Mountain” Hill Challenge (Township Road Strava segment). Winners also received a $50 gift card to The Velo Shop!

King of the Mountain (KOM)
Brandon Shimp of Quakertown, PA
Hill Challenge Time: 3:40

Queen of the Mountain (QOM)
Bethany Malusa of Quakertown, PA
Hill Challenge Time: 5:37

Strava Club Highlights


See what our club members have been up to.

Virtual Participants

We had the most virtual participants this year than any other year! Folks from all over Pennsylvania and from other states: California, Florida, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia!

📍Albany, New York

Virtual 5K Run

📍Newport News, Virginia

Virtual 42-mile Ride

📍Gainesville, Florida

Virtual 24-mile Ride​

Thank you!

Amy's Ride/Run/Walk - Volunteers

Our Volunteers

From our registration area, to traffic and parking, course traffic, walk/run support, ride support, and so much more, we thank you!

meLVin - LV Phantoms Mascot


Mascot of the LV Phantoms. Gives the best hugs & high-fives. Also a star cornhole partner!

DJ Russ Tolson

DJ Russ brings the beats and keeps us in line and (mostly) on schedule!

Joe Keppel, Magician

The Comedy Magic of Joseph Keppel

Mystifies and amuses our participants with his sleight of hand and illusions.

June Hunt, Moondog Yoga – Cool-down Sessions

June Hunt of Moondog Yoga

Provides several post-event cool-down sessions to relax those tight muscles!

Platinum Sponsors ($4000)

  1. Fox Chase Cancer Center
  2. Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson Health

Gold Sponsors ($3000)

  1.   Appeeling Fruit
  2.   Cygan Family Fund
  3.   Jeannette Bracalente Schacht

Silver Sponsors ($2000)

  1.   St. Luke’s Cancer Center

Bronze Sponsors ($1000)

  1. B. Braun
  2. Bob & Fran Lewis
  3. Immunovia, Inc.
  4. Mike & Nancy Cygan
  5. NC Innovations LLC
  6. ServPro
  7. Tom & Jann Paulovitz
  8. Valley Oral Surgey
  9. The Velo Shop

Benefactor Sponsors ($500)

  1. Albert & Veronica Lykon
  2. C.R. Strunk Funeral Home
  3. Evolution Gun Works
  4. Legacy Planning
  5. Life’s a Puzzle Charitable Fund
  6. Lucky Strike Tattoo
  7. Michael & Judy Schmauder
  8. QNB Bank
  9. Quakertown Family Dental Center

Supporter Sponsors ($250)

  1. Bill and Becky Keane
  2. Casey’s Place
  3. Compass Point Consulting
  4. Dominick’s Pizza
  5. Gary & Diane Dologite
  6. Integrity Wealth Partners LLC
  7. Jay and Jennifer Herrlinger
  8. The Knapp Family
  9. Lewis Brothers Builders & Contractors
  10. McLaughlin Physical Therapy
  11. Mixie Media
  12. Moon Dog Yoga
  13. Spinnerstown Hotel
  14. Springfield Mennonite Church

(Gifts, Appearances, Raffle Donations)

  • Aardvark Sports Shop
  • Adventure Aquarium
  • Bee’s Wrap LLC
  • BJs Wholesale Club
  • Boscov’s
  • Buff City
  • C.R. Strunk Funeral Home
  • Crayola Experience Easton
  • David Cooper (Met-Ed)
  • Dorney Park
  • Emily and Nick Coenen
  • Emmaus Run Inn
  • Giacomo’s Italian Market
  • JB Naturals
  • Jessica Stubits
  • JL Made Wreaths
  • Lisa and Denny Dolan
  • Longwood Gardens
  • Moondog Yoga
  • Philadelphia Rock Gyms
  • Pocono Biking
  • Reading Fightin Phils
  • Redners
  • Roxanna and Charlie Volk
  • Sand Cloud
  • Sandra Huster
  • Six Flags Great Adventure
  • The Inside Scoop
  • Unique Snacks
  • Wegmans
  • Yergey Brewing
  • Mike & Nancy Cygan
  • Steve & BethAnn Cygan
  • Dave & Amalia Cygan
  • Greg & Nancy Cygan
  • Tony & Jane Cygan
  • Nate & Sue Cygan
  • Celeste Vaughn
  • Marlene & Jerry Mayza
  • The Lehman Family


  1. Appeeling Fruit
  2. Bad-Ass Broads (1 member)
  3. Barbara’s Buddies (12 members)
  4. Bob’s Maniacs in Training (4 members)
  5. Deb’s Warriors (2 members)
  6. Fox Chase Cancer Center – The Greenberg Institute (1 member)
  7. Jogging for John (1 member)
  8. Marching for Mary (18 members)
  9. Mega Greens Microgreens (1 member)
  10. Purple RA 2023 (5 members)
  11. Quakertown Family Dental (2 members)
  12. Relentless Iron (1 member)
  13. Swain Sprinters (57 members) 🥇
  14. TM CS Energy
  15. Team Diane (11 members)
  16. Team Grandbob (10 members)
  17. Team Jefferson (6 members)
  18. Team Purple (1 member)
  19. The Proper Brewing Company (19 members) 🥉
  20. Two Rivers Brewing Company (1 member)
  21. Will Run 4 Jackie (20 members) 🥈

Top Team Fundraisers (100+)

  1. Marching for Mary ($2,140) 🥇
  2. Swain Sprinters ($1,845) 🥈
  3.  Team CS Energy ($700) 🥉
  4. Bob’s Maniacs in Training ($625)
  5. Team Diane ($550)
  6. Will Run 4 Jackie ($430)
  7. The Proper Brewing Company ($105)

Top Individual Fundraisers ($50+)

  1. Tom Fleming ($500) 🥇
  2. Carol Roth ($200) 🥈
  3. Ira Lunsk ($200) 🥈
  4. Joshua Gregory ($136) 🥉
  5. Jean Loggia ($100)
  6. Mary Lombardo Zenon ($100)
  7. Anna Rodzianko ($100)
  8. Tammy Ebersole ($100)
  9. Robert Christian ($100)
  10. Lynn Ratzell ($100)
  11. Dave Cygan ($100)
  12. Kenneth Sutliff ($100)
  13. Kathleen Fleming ($75)
  14. Betty Christian ($75)
  15. Joshua Heller ($50)
  16. Sherman Cox ($50)
  17. Mary Horst ($50)
  18. Evren Necioglu ($50)
  19. Evangeline Eddy ($50)
  20. Theodore Eddy ($50)
  21. Kathy Heller ($50)
  22. Hugo Meyerhoefer ($50)
  23. Thomas Dombrowski ($50)
  24. Barbara Millers ($50)
  25. Doreen Childs ($50)
  26. Lisa Hutchings ($50)
  27. Adam Saba ($50)
  28. Carla Rossi ($50)
  29. Edward Hughes ($50)
  30. Celeste Vaughn ($50)
  31. Sharon Corbin ($50)

In Remembrance

We wanted to take a moment to remember one of our walkers from last year. We learned the devastating news that our fearless participant, who decorated her walker last year, passed away last fall. She sent us the message below last year after the event. She had wished to remain anonymous last year when she sent her message, so we will continue to honor her wish.

We are deeply saddened to hear of her passing. This year her husband walked in her memory with her race bib from last year. A line from her obituary says she’d want you to “celebrate life. Love life fully with awareness of its brevity. It’s a gift. Laugh often and long. Love deeply…

Amy's Ride/Run/Walk - Testimonial

Thank you for letting me be a part of the pancreatic cancer walk last Saturday. I decorated my walker and off I went with my friend by my side. We may have been the last ones to the first check point and shown a short cut back to the main tent but we were cheered and applauded for what we accomplished.

It has been a year since my diagnosis. And ten months since surgery with ongoing chemotherapy but I walked in your event. I did something for others because your organization accepted me despite my limitations.

Thank you for being so kind. Thank you for some wonderful volunteers. Thank you for this important fundraiser.

I look forward to next year and doing the entire walk.”

– Anonymous
2022 Amy’s Ride/Run/Walk