Our Mission

This cycling, running and walking event raises money to fund pancreatic cancer research, awareness and advocacy efforts, with an emphasis on progressive research programs and initiatives.

Amy’s Story

Amy and her grandsonAmy (Cygan) Spier was diagnosed with Stage 2 Adenocarcinoma of the pancreas at age 49. After being told of her poor prognosis, and being given the news that only 6% of patients diagnosed will survive longer than 5 years, Amy reached her hand out to her doctor, shook his hand, stated her name, and told him that she was going to be among that 6% of survivors. She was determined to fight the battle ahead of her.

On November 29, 2014, Amy lost her 3-year battle with pancreatic cancer. Her strong, positive attitude during this difficult journey strengthened her spirit to physically endure numerous surgeries, chemotherapy treatment, and doctor’s appointments. These treatments did not cure her cancer – it only slowed the process allowing her to HOPE for a new treatment or cure to be developed or discovered. As Amy’s disease progressed, hospitalizations became more frequent, pain and nausea increased, and her body’s ability to process food stopped, requiring her to have a feeding tube for nutritional support. Her hope fed her spirit until the very end. The battle she fought was heartbreaking and we, her 10 siblings, have grown more determined to transform this painful journey into a positive initiative.

Cygan FamilyIn Amy’s honor, we organized the original Amy’s Ride/Walk (2015) which would be an annual event in Quakertown, PA to raise awareness and support for pancreatic cancer research. Proceeds raised from this fundraiser will be used to benefit pancreatic cancer research at Jefferson University Hospital and other institutions.

Our inaugural event in 2015 raised more than $32,700. In 2016 we added a running segment in the hopes of growing this event and raised another $26,200. Registration almost doubled in 2017. Since 2015 we’ve donated a total of $330,000! Join us for this year’s event – Sign up now!