Moondog Yoga

Post Event Cool-downs with Moondog Yoga

Join June Hunt, owner of Moondog Yoga, for post-event cooldowns on the Univest square!

Cooldowns: 10-15 minutes; 3 sessions between 10am – 11am

Running, biking, and even walking help to strengthen the hips, thighs, and calves, and are great forms of cardio exercise. The challenge lies in the nature of strong muscles. Strong muscles are tight muscles and more compact. This leads to a decreased range of motion in the body. Yoga post-workout is an excellent cross-train to any fitness activity. Yoga supports the strength of the muscles while creating length, and space if you will, for not only the muscles but also the joints that are affected by strong tight muscles: hips, legs, calves, even your feet!

Join us post-race and help your body feel fabulous!

Moondog Yoga Mission Statement:

Moondog’s vital and dynamic community is the nucleus from which we guide our students and reach out to leave the world a better place for living, one class at a time. We believe that the effects of taking our classes, and thus being a part of our community, spread, like ripples in a pond, from the studio to the neighborhood, to Quakertown, and beyond, out into the world.

We aspire to help enhance our students’ holistic health through yoga and specialty fitness. The aim of our fitness classes is to enhance health and longevity. A consistent yoga practice can increase flexibility, strength, mental clarity, and create a better connection to our bodies, as well as renew and restore health. Additionally, practitioners of massage, acupuncture, nutritionists, and counselors, offer their services to add depth to our clients’ wellbeing.

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